Hobbled by an unfortunate mind dared by query;

Better to call the dark or confess the dimly lit?

One a conversant but slow demise, the other a precarious proposition;

Unrelenting pain imposes choice, uncertain fate summons pause;


Better to calm the consigned or call for their clemency?

Relief versus obligation vie for mind’s edge;

A prospect of solace with a certainty of anguish;


Better to consent to convention or ponder a paradox?

Superposition disaffirms the presence of choice;

Rather equal fates are dispensed, enduring or perishing but acquitting nevertheless;


Better to quell the query or risk its rewards?

A choice unguided by the perished who neither bear witness to choice nor consequence;

Ensuring that the risk of perishing is ever incalculable;

The unfortunate mind never sated.

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