The lady doth protest too much, methinks…

Never has the need for strong female leaders been so great in our country. We need their voice, their insight, their honesty, and most importantly their collaboration. We need more female scientists, legislatures, and innovators. However, we don’t need any more rhetoric from bitter women with self-serving agendas. 22squared, a female lead advertising agency celebrated Women’s International Day with slogans and signs aimed at deconstructing female archetypes. See:

While I understand their intent and despise stereotyping, I am skeptical about both motive and effect in this case.

Strong women don’t beg for title, they earn it.

I have been fortunate to serve under and work with strong women who didn’t need slogans to show their worth; they did so by action not by spin. They didn’t belittle men, they empowered them. They didn’t label men, they welcomed them. Strong women don’t beg for title, they earn it. Sings, slogans, and tattoos do not make you a strong woman nor does it promote your cause. Rhetoric begets more rhetoric.

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